Sony Explains Why PlayStation Portal Doesn't Support Cloud Streaming at Launch

Sony Explains Why PlayStation Portal Doesn’t Support Cloud Streaming at Launch

Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s senior vice president of platform experience, Hideaki Nishino, has explained why the PlayStation Portal doesn’t support cloud streaming. In a new interview, Nishino suggested that cloud streaming could potentially be supported by the handheld device.

PlayStation Portal could theoretically support cloud gaming

Speaking to Japanese outlet AV Watch, Nishino said that the main technical difference between remote play and cloud streaming is the location of the server so there shouldn’t be any technical limitations when it comes to supporting cloud gaming on the PlayStation Portal. However, Sony doesn’t simply want to check boxes and wants to ensure that if cloud streaming is implemented, it’s done right.

Sony’s only just enabled cloud streaming on the PS5 in select regions, and although early impressions have been very positive, the feature is in its infancy. “It’s easy to check off the features,” Nishino said (translated). “However, we would like to proceed carefully while considering whether this is a good idea and whether we can truly provide gameplay without any problems.”

Reviewers have lauded the PlayStation Portal but have noted that it has very limited use as a dedicated remote play device specifically for PS5 players with a decent WiFi connection.