Some PS Plus Essential Monthly Games Will Get PS5 Cloud Gaming Support

PS5 Cloud Gaming Now Live in All Eligible Regions, Earns Positive Response

PS5 cloud gaming has now rolled out in all eligible regions, with the service making its way to the U.S. yesterday. The benefit is available to PS Plus Premium members, and early impressions have been very positive.

Players pleasantly surprised by PS5 cloud gaming

Sony has garnered a reputation for running into technical issues whenever it launches a service. However, PS5 streaming seems to be working smoothly across the board. Players have taken to gaming forums and social media to applaud minimal and barely noticeable latency and how well the games work even at the highest of resolutions.

“I honestly wrote it off before even using, but tested it anyway. Got to say, it’s been perfect for me. Shocked at how well it works, to the point I’ve deleted some games off my console storage as I know I can use cloud now,” one player wrote on Reddit. “I have tried it around four times whilst also streaming movie on another device,” wrote another user. “Absolutely zero interruptions or issues. I am impressed here as when I had used it before I was sure there was some lag.” Others echoed these statements.

Meanwhile, players in New Zealand and Australia have expressed hope that PS5 cloud streaming will eventually make its way to their region.