Shuhei Yoshida’s Reaction to the Xbox One $499 Price: “Yahoo!”, “We Were High-Fiving”

November 14, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Back at E3, Microsoft announced the price point of the Xbox One as $499, with Kinect, while Sony brought the PS4 in at a much lower $399 price point, allowing you to buy the camera separately.

Recalling his initial reaction to that Xbox One price news many months ago was Shuhei Yoshida, who explained to The Escapist:

We were extremely proud that we are able to offer PS4 for 400 dollars price point.

There were some rumors before the announcement at E3. They held the press conference before we did. We were waiting in the rehearsal and watching the livestream of the announcement, and toward the end of the show they announced their price point, and we were like, “Yahoo!” We were high-fiving, because there were some rumors, but we really didn’t believe it. We were like, “Wow, that’s awesome!” You know, competition is fun.

Speaking to the competition with Microsoft that Sony seems to be embracing now, Shuhei said:

Having the two competing systems coming out at the same time, it really helps to make people talk about. People like you, it’s easier to come up with some interesting stories: ‘This company said this’, ‘And the other company said this’.

So I think we are helping each other to make the launch of our system – both of our systems – known to more people in the world. Not necessarily the core gamers, but people who are not chasing the news about games might hear about the launch of PS4 or Xbox One because of this competition.

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