Killzone: Shadow Fall Larger Text Size, Free-for-All Mode, Clan Support, and Much More Discussed

November 18, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


As someone who owns Killzone: Shadow Fall, I can say that one of my complaints with the game is the very small text size in the menus, and the tough to see waypoint reticule in single player. I’m not the only one who’s had this problem, with many people asking the Killzone Twitter account about changing these, to which they responded:

We’re currently looking at ways to improve the UI, including text and reticule size.

Since lots of people picked up the game on Friday, the Killzone Twitter account was very busy, answering tons of user questions. We’ve placed the most interesting information below:

  • Will you have maps with vehicles in future DLC? “We’re not ruling it out but we want to make absolutely sure such vehicles would be compatible with custom Warzone rules.”
  • Will there be a split-screen option in the future? “It’s rather unlikely – the game wasn’t designed with split-screen in mind, so it would have an unpredictable effect on framerate.”
  • Due to lots of requests, 24-player Team Deathmatch has been added to the official Warzones.
  • They confirmed that Clan support is happening and will be “added in a future update.”
  • Is the Infiltrator Class coming back? “No concrete plans to bring back the Infiltrator class, but the season’s still young – we’ll pass along your request to the team!”
  • Any plans for a Free-for-all mode? “Not at the moment – Killzone: Shadow Fall was very much designed for team play. If there’s a lot of demand we’ll consider it.”
  • Lots of people asked about the lack of color blind support (despite them saying it would be included), to which they replied, “Color blind support will be patched in soon. Apologies for the delay.”

What kinds of changes would you like to see in Killzone: Shadow Fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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