SteelSeries Wireless H Series Headset Review (PS4 Compatible)

As the ‘next generation’ of consoles is finally upon us, many gamers are going to be looking to upgrade parts of their home entertainment system to match their ultra powerful gaming system. Given that many headsets are seeing compatibility issues with the PS4, consumers are looking for something that was designed with the new platforms in mind. Normally, a few select console gaming brands come to the fore when it comes top of the line console headsets, but a prominent name from the PC world is making some big waves and fighting for the top spot.

SteelSeries, a brand that many PC gamers have been using for number of years now, who also has a history of dealing with the professional gaming circuit, has just launched their flagship wireless H Series headset. Designed specifically to work the with the PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360, this is a device for gamers who are looking for the best and willing to pay for the best, as it retails for $299.99.

The price might be a killer for many gamers, but in reality this is one of the better gaming headsets I have ever used. Before getting into the build quality, the biggest driving force for someone to want to pick these up will be its ability to deliver a useful understanding of the world around them in a game environment. This simple concept is one where the H Series shines brighter than any headset I have ever tried, using its ability to drive up to a 7.1 virtual surround sound, its ‘sound stage’ is a clear advantage for gamers. Whether it is simply listening to someone walking in the room next door, or above you, SteelSeries does a great job of delivering a believable experience.

Something to take note of, though, is that the H Series does fall a tad short on delivering the same highs and lows found on other top of the line wireless headsets. That leave the justification for the price to be a bit touchy if you are an audiophile looking to listen to some music or hoping to be blown out of your chair with each explosion.

H Series 2

Moving on to why this headset is still a great product, is that it is really designed to be incredibly versatile gaming tool that puts a number of options at your fingertips without creating any bulk. The H Series contains an interchangeable battery in one ear so, but somehow the headset is still balanced and the whole thing incredibly light. Each earpiece is covered with black memory foam and orange stitching, but one of the cooler aspects is that the whole cup rotates inside the headset – so that, if you move it around your head, it will not drag across your skin.

Combining this with little bits of memory foam across the headband should make for a comfortable device, but as I have a head on the larger side, it does feel like there is almost too much pressure around my ears. Thankfully, the H Series does seem to have good build quality, as it is made out of durable plastic that bends and flexes, allowing it mold to various head shapes.

Now onto my two favorite features of the H Series. As I have always ended up either losing or breaking removable mics on my previous headsets, the retractable mouth piece is a wonderful concept that is only highlighted by its unobstructive design. Pulling the mic out, you are left with a flexible mouth piece that has an elegant red LED that shows when it is put into mute, letting the player know when they are talking to themselves. Turning the headset on is done by holding a button under the opposite earpiece, or muted by just tapping it.

My second favorite feature on the H Series is a dial on the back of one of the earpieces, that allows you to get almost full control over the receiver that comes with the device. Sporting a decently sized display, you are able to adjust game and chat volume or set up multiple profiles so that you can easily swap the perfect settings for your intended use or output.

Overall, the H Series by SteelSeries is a great headset that is truly wireless (no connection to the DualShock 4 needed), while still giving a great deal of utility for gamers that want to centralize a single device across multiple platforms.