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Official PlayStation Account Tweets ‘Bang Bros Xmas Party’ Pic, Official Xbox Account Asks For Help With Kinect Bug

December 22, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


Ok, so the following post isn’t exactly what we’d generally classify as news, and usually we don’t post non-stories like this, but the sheer bizarre surrealism of the following two tweets are worthy of your attention. Plus it’s a weekend.

Earlier today, the Official Xbox Account tweeted Xbox Support (and the world) asking for help with a known Kinect bug, simultaneously highlighting a Kinect flaw to their 2.5 million users, and showing a lack of knowledge of their own brand (or Twitter Direct Messages):


Not to be outdone, the Official PlayStation Account had a treat for their 3.2 million followers:


The comments visible on the side of the Bang bros Twitch stream (hosted by someone called ‘Special_Ed’) include: “Sombody get mini skirt drunk, i need 2 c dat naked” and “ORGY mahfuckas”. Said stream has now become rather risque.

Why PlayStation decided to do this is unknown, although it’s not the first time a Sony employee has tweeted a sexual stream.

Both PlayStation and Xbox deleted their tweets minutes after posting them, and have yet to comment on how much they were drinking.

What do you think of the weird tweets? Let us know in the comments below, or join in on our Twitter discussion about why it happened.

But, whatever you do, do not join in our party celebrations, things are getting pretty wild: