Sony on PlayStation 5: “Very Soon, We’ll Start Thinking About What We’ll do Next”

We’re less than two months removed from the PlayStation 4’s launch in North America, but even with the system being so new, Sony will be looking towards the PS5 fairly soon.

To try and uncover a timeframe for when Sony is diving into PS5 development, MTV spoke with PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America Scott Rohde, where he said, “We tend to start thinking about the development of the next system, surprisingly only a few years into the life cycle of the current gen.”

He later added:

As soon as you launch a new console you have to take a breather, there’s gonna be a couple of years where we’re just enhancing this machine and making it as great as it can be. And of course very soon, we’ll start thinking about what we’ll do next. That’s the culture at Sony. We always have to do something that’s bigger and better than what’s already been done.

Considering how Mark Cerny openly talked about how the PlayStation 4’s development roughly started in 2008, it isn’t surprising to hear that Sony won’t be taking much time off before starting work on their next console. Of course, with Sony now owning Gaikai, the future of hardware-based games consoles may be very different to what we see now.

When do you think Sony will start development on the PS5? When do you think we’ll see the PS5? Let us know in the comments below.