The Catch-Up: January 22nd, 2014 – No More The Last of Us Single Player DLC Planned

Maybe this means they’ll start a sequel soon?

General News

  • In case you were still holding out hope, Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli has said about The Last of Us, “There’s multiplayer DLC up next. We don’t have any more single player DLC planned.” As for the single player DLC they do have planned, Monacelli did confirm that there will be different difficulty settings in Left Behind. [Source 1, 2]
  • Rockstar verified 10 more jobs in GTA Online today. [Check Them Out]
  • Europe found out their February 2014 PlayStation Plus free games today, and North America will find out theirs later next week. All we know of right now is Outlast on PS4, so stay tuned for the rest. [Source]
  • Starting on Friday and ending on Monday, a double XP weekend for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will be launched on all platforms. [Source]
  • Available in Q3 2014, and with only 500 available worldwide, you can now pre-order a life size bust of Kratos for $599.99 USD (be aware that the pictures don’t fully represent the final product). [Check it Out]
  • An audio issue that popped up within patch 1.01 for Muramasa Rebirth will be fixed in patch 1.02, which is expected soon. If you experienced this issue, a quick fix is as follows: “I’d suggest backing up your save data via Content Manager and then deleting/re-installing the Muramasa Rebirth data to your Vita, which will reset it to ver 1.00, but you won’t be able to play with Okoi unless you have ver 1.01 installed.” [Via, Source]
  • A new patch for Indoor Sports World on PS Vita will be brought out soon, making AI easier, adding an aim helper, and more. [Check Out All the Patch Notes]
  • Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games recently learned that they own the Guinness World record for longest game title with Cthulhu Saves the World: Super Hyper Enhanced Championship Edition Alpha Diamond DX Plus Alpha FES HD – Premium Enhanced Game of the Year Collector’s Edition (without Avatars!). Yay? [Via, Source]
  • They may be low in stock, but GameStop stores in the United States are reported to have PS4 systems as of earlier today. Give your local store a call to see if they still have them. [Or Check Store Availability]
  • For Canadians looking to buy a PS4, EB Games locations in Ontario and Quebec received shipments, with the rest of the country expected to get some this week (don’t worry, they haven’t raised the price on the system). [Twitter]
  • Mentioning how a PS Vita version of Don’t Starve is still being investigated, Klei’s Corey Rollins added, “Currently, a lot of people play Don’t Starve: Console Edition using the PS4′s remote play, and really enjoy it.” I’m not one of them. [Source]
  • At the same time they revealed the PlayStation Vita demo of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z had been downloaded over 80,000 times, Namco Bandai issued a statement saying, “The packaging of the Playstation Vita indeed mentions the support of Japanese and English voice-over, but the game actually supports only the latter, as shown on the Playstation Vita Demo released on December 18th. Namco Bandai Games Europe wishes to apologize to fans and players for the inconvenience.” [Press Release]
  • Next week on the North American PSN, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment and Persona 3 FES will be on sale for $4.99. [Twitter 1, 2]
  • Hopefully signalling its release actually happening next week (fingers crossed!), PEGI has rated Basement Crawl on PS4. On a related note, here’s the trophy list for the game. [Source]
  • Gunslugs is out early next month on the PlayStation Vita, and you can check out the full trophy list right here. [February 2014 Release Dates]
  • In addition to the United States and Canada, inFamous: Second Son is up for pre-order on the PlayStation Store in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. No word on Europe. [Twitter]
  • Obviously not saying what it is, Fun Bits Interactive (Escape Plan) recently said, “We just had another team play through of our secret project! It’s pretty exciting!” [Twitter]
  • Here’s a new pre-alpha screenshot for H-Hour [Source]:

New Videos

  • Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars on PS Vita and 3DS is now confirmed for a North American release date of April 15th at $39.99 [Press Release]:

  • DC Universe Online gets the War of the Light Part I DLC on January 28th. If you happen to be a Legendary member though, it will be available for free and you can get it today [Press Release]:

Do you think North America will also see Metro: Last Light as a PlayStation Plus free game in February? Let us know in the comments below.