SOE President Confirms EverQuest Next for PS4; PlanetSide 2 on PS4 Expected in the First Half of 2014

Back in November, Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley heavily teased the appearance of EverQuest Next on PS4 when he said, “I can’t wait to see it on the PS4,” despite any formal announcements.

As part of a Reddit AMA over the weekend though, Smedley finally confirmed it when he replied, “Yes. We will absolutely be bringing EQN to the Playstation 4!” Further comments from Smedley suggest EverQuest Next will come to PS4 after the PC version launches, with the game likely releasing in 2015, but he notes that he’s “not sure yet.”

Looking at another PS4 title from SOE, PlanetSide 2, it was delayed from the PS4 launch to early 2014, and Smedley now says, “First half of this year is what we’re shooting for. It’s taking time to do this right but coming along great.” We’ll let you know once we hear more about PlanetSide 2’s PS4 release date, so stay tuned.

Also in the AMA, someone asked Smedley about how Sony Online Entertainment is a division of Sony, but doesn’t seem to feel like it with the division between PC and consoles, as well as with PlanetSide 2 missing PS4 launch:

I understand where you’re coming from, but the business realities are that we need to be treated like any other 3rd party company. Sony can’t make policy exceptions for us or it will be a problem in their relationships with 3rd parties. In this case, we get great support for the PS3/PS4 from our sister companies and we’re treated very well. The reasons for them not playing together are driven by business issues I can’t get into.

Do you think you’ll be playing either PlanetSide 2 or EverQuest Next when they release on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.