Sony: The PS3 Has “A Lot of Life Left in it”; We’re Confident About PS Now Delivering Low Latency

February 12, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

PS3 Lifeline

It turns out SCEA’s John Koller’s comments about a potential PS4/PS Vita bundle yesterday were part of a bigger interview between him and GameSpot, where Koller talked about many things, including the lead the PS4 is currently enjoying over the Xbox One:

I’m very excited for where PS4’s going to go. People gave us the upper hand early and we want to continue to reward them with all the different content and engagement that we have.

Our every day is ensuring that we don’t lose sight of the fact that we need to constantly have a socially engaging platform that allows people to connect [and] share; and the games that are created need to facilitate that. We need to have the right games at the right time… and listen to our fans. So continually doing that, I think brings a lot of good will. We are viewed the most authentic brand, so we have a leg up there, but we’ve got a lot of work to do to make sure that when we’re going into work with a publisher or when we’re going into work with our own first-party team, we say: here’s the emotion we want to bring and here’s the engagement [we want]… what can we do?

While things are riding high for the PS4, the PS3 is still a big piece of Sony’s picture, with Koller saying that they believe it has “a lot of life left in it.” Koller even went so far as saying there’s up to four years left in the PS3 before adding, “We have a good lineup this year and it looks like a good lineup next year. We need to keep fueling that. We really have to keep PS3 alive. And so to do that, we have to further the content. I think there will be a good story for the PS3 over the next year to two years.”

There’s also PlayStation Now launching this summer in the United States, and Koller believes that, because of the Gaikai technology and how it’s built, “PlayStation Now is something that I think does something that no other streaming service so far – rumored or in market – has done, and that’s provide very low latency and very immediate gameplay. We’re confident about this.”

Koller then said, “We’re pretty bullish about that whole idea [of streaming as a future for gaming]. We think streaming is going to be a view to a gaming future.”

How much life is left in your PS3 before you decide to sell it? Let us know in the comments below.