2K: “We Look Forward to Exploring the Next BioShock Experience”

During Ken Levine’s message on Tuesday about the end of Irrational Games as we know it, he made sure to mention that “I’m handing the reins of our creation, the BioShock universe, to 2K so our new venture can focus entirely on replayable narrative.”

While 2K offered a ‘no update‘ when asked about the status of BioShock for PlayStation Vita this week, they were much more talkative when it came to the BioShock franchise as a whole, with a 2K rep telling Polygon:

BioShock is one of our most beloved and critically acclaimed franchises, and we are indebted to Ken and the talented team at Irrational Games for their contributions to the series with BioShock and BioShock Infinite; the latter being one of the most decorated games of 2013.

The BioShock universe remains a rich creative canvas for many untold stories, and we look forward to exploring the next BioShock experience.

This statement in no way confirms that we’ll see another BioShock game, but it does point to the fact that 2K will at least be exploring one.

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