Troy Baker: “The Last of Us is not a Money Grab,” Would be up for a Sequel

Things may only be 50/50 right now for a sequel to The Last of Us, but if they were to do one, Troy Baker, who played Joel, would absolutely do it, as he explained to IGN:

Of course [I’d come back]. What I love, again, is they’re not going to tell a story if they don’t have one to tell. The Last of Us is not a money grab. Left Behind, that DLC, is something that was very very specific and served a purpose. I loved it, I thought it was two of the best hours of gameplay that I’ve had in a long time.

If there’s a role for me in something in the future to do with The Last of Us, absolutely I would do it, twice on Sunday.

With yesterday’s surprising news of The Last of Us movie being a real thing, Baker revealed to IGN that he’s “100% behind it” and “if I get a chance to be a hunter or a clicker, I’d be so happy! But even if not I’ll participate in watching the film with just as much enthusiasm and excitement as if I was in it.”

Throwing his hat into the debate of who should play Joel in The Last of Us movie (assuming Joel is one of the characters), Baker told IBTimes, “Me personally, if I were to cast Joel, Josh Brolin would be my ultimate choice, but I know whoever they choose will be someone they trust and I trust them as well.”

Do you have anyone else in mind to play Joel in The Last of Us movie? Let us know in the comments below.