UK Report: PS4 Sales Rose 106% During inFamous: Second Son Launch Week

According to a “trusted retail source” (via MCV), the launch of inFamous: Second Son in the UK last week had a huge effect on PS4 console sales, bringing them up 106%. In the week previous to inFamous, which saw Titanfall release for Xbox One, the PS4 had jumped up 72%, with the Xbox One seeing a rise of 96%.

When comparing the retail releases of both inFamous and Titanfall in the UK, MCV’s “trusted retail source” has revealed that Titanfall’s debut week sales were just under double the amount inFamous: Second Son saw in its debut week. Titanfall did fall 73% in its second week though, so it will be interesting to see if inFamous suffers a similar drop, or if its holds strong.

Not counting digital purchases of either game, around 1 in 4 Xbox One owners in the UK bought Titanfall, while around 1 in 9 PS4 owners bought inFamous: Second Son.

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