Gamer Academy: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes XOF Patch Locations

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This week we show you where to find all 9 of the hidden XOF Patches hidden around the map of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Finding all of the patches will not take too long, but depending on your skill level and ability to quickly move past armed guards, this is something that you could complete in as little as 10 minutes.

Note: If you are having trouble finding the patches, they are easier to see when using the Night-vision goggles.

1. Roll – At the start of the game, simply drop down and keep doing a roll. To do this action you will need to be in the prone position and need to aim, then tilt the left analog stick to the left or right, while clicking in L3 – a cutscene will play out when you have correctly done this.

MGSGZ Patch Roll Patch

2. Behind you – After completing your roll, make sure to turn around and go to the cliff side to find the next XOF Patch.

MGSGZ Patch 1 Patch B

3. Before camp – After getting through the fence, run slightly to the left and hop the railing in front of you. You should see a small pile of rubble before reaching the tents.

MGSGZ Patch 2 Patch

4. Fenced off – On the map you will see 3 rectangles, to the north of that location is a fenced off grid holding 3 boxes and a spool of wiring. Hop on top of the box on the far left after picking the lock and it should be at your feet.

MGSGZ Patch 3 Patch B

5. Helipad – To the East of the helipad, you will see a XOF Patch sitting on the ground.

MGSGZ Patch 4 Patch b

6. Behind the grate – Near one of the corners of the helipad, you will see a blue scissor lift and a small hole in the ground. Inside that hole is a grate, and behind that is your next XOF Patch.

MGSGZ Patch 5 Patch b

7. Top of structure – Past the door on the opposite side of the helipad, you will find an area with a staircase on your right, and a row of boxes down the center of the bottom area. The first two of these boxes will be fairly close together and will be the ones you want to climb up on. Simply run off towards the side opposite of the stairs and climb up the short building. The patch will be on the vent closest to the door you entered from.

MGSGZ Patch 6 Patch B

8. Guard Post Roof – At the fork in the road that leads to a helicopter pick up spot near a cave and the POW camp, you will see a small guard post. On top of that building will be another patch.

MGSGZ Patch 7 Patch b

9. POW Camp – At the prisoner camp where you will find Chico in a cage, the final patch will be sitting directly on the other side of the fence once you open up the door.

MGSGZ Patch 8 Patch

Having trouble finding a patch? Let us know in the comments below or hit up our Metal Gear Solid Sub-forum for help from our growing community.