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Metal Gear Solid Board Game Delayed to 2020, Will Now Have Cardboard Box Mini

It appears that Snake has been caught by the guards. If you’ve been waiting for the Metal Gear Solid board game, you’re going to have to stick it out just a little bit longer. While originally set for a late 2019 release, the game has been delayed to summer 2020. The reason for this delay? The creators are worried it needs more polish. Rather than sitting down and cutting out some features so they can make the release date, they decided to push the game into next year. In a press release they noted the following:

Game design and development is an iterative process, and involves feedback from play-testers, graphic designers, the factory that will be producing the game, and our licensing partners in North America and Japan. As development progresses changes come in that range from things that affect quality of life aspects, things like the size of the spaces on the map tiles, to redesigning and developing scenarios for better balance.

Ultimately, the amount of time it took to implement these changes just grew longer than expected and our window to ship the game on time closed. At that point, we were confronted with two options: create a list of changes that we could complete quickly in order to minimize the delay, or really dig in and make sure everything got polished to the fullest extent possible.

The good news? The game is now getting some extra goodies to make up for it. If you haven’t had a chance to preorder the Metal Gear Solid board game, the preorders have been reopened. Originally the day one edition would come with exclusive minis of a tank, Hind-D helicopter, and Liquid Snake. This version will now come with an extra exclusive mini: that of a cardboard box. In addition, all versions of the game will now come with 100 pages of comic book art in the campaign book, so you can really get into that Metal Gear Solid mood.

While you may be waiting a little longer, plenty of video games are making the jump to board games. Recently, Rebellion announced Rebellion Unplugged, a studio entirely made to create board games based on its IPs, starting with Sniper Elite. Everything from PlayStation exclusives, like Bloodborne and Horizon: Zero Dawn, to older games like Resident Evil 2 and Space Invaders, to even insane action games such as Darksiders and Devil May Cry, are getting board game adaptions now. Maybe your favorite game will be next if it hasn’t happened already.

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