The Catch-Up: April 4th, 2014 – Battlefield 4’s Megalodon has been Found

April 4, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


After yesterday turned out to be a very slow day, The Catch-Up is back in full force!

General News

  • Following the ESRB rating of Persona 4 earlier this week, Atlus has confirmed that it will release for the PS3 in North America on Tuesday, April 8th. [Press Release]
  • NIS America has announced that “idol simulator” Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection will release for the PlayStation Vita on June 3rd in North America and June 6th in Europe. This will be available both at retail and on the PlayStation Store. [Press Release]
  • Reminder: You only have until April 8th before the Resistance servers shut down. [Twitter]
  • Cellar Door Games wants to know if you’ll pay a little more for Rogue Legacy to include Cross Buy on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. [Let Them Know]
  • We’ll let you know when it’s out and everything it changes, but you can get a taste of the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars patch by following the link. [Patch Preview]
  • Gamefly’s used game weekend flash sale puts Knack to $24.99, The Last of Us to $24.99, Killzone: Shadow Fall to $24.99, and more. [Buy Some Games!]
  • The God of War: Ascension promotion where all the DLC is free has been delayed in Europe until mid-April due to “unforeseen PSN Store technical issues.” [Source]
  • Have the Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass? The all-new combination AR/SMG The Ripper will be available tomorrow. [Twitter]
  • Don’t Stop Believing will leave the Rock Band DLC Store on April 30th. As well, the 20 free songs in Rock Band 2 promo is officially over. [Source]
  • GameStop USA is selling a used version of the Uncharted Trilogy for $14.99. [Via, Buy It]
  • Going to PAX East? [Check Out Some of the 1st Party PlayStation Merch You Can Buy]
  • Sam Riegel is returning to voice Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. [Twitter]
  • If you haven’t been scared off by the low review scores, Rambo: The Videogame will release in North America on April 29th. It will be available on the PlayStation Store, while only the United States will see a retail release. [Twitter]

New Videos

  • Pure Chess was given a PlayStation 4 release date today and will arrive on April 15th in North America and April 16th in Europe. Priced at £4.99/€ 5.99/$7.99 for the game itself and £9.99/€11.99/$14.99 for the Complete Bundle (there will be a PS+ launch discount of some sort), here’s a look at the PS4 version:

  • Z-Run releases for the PlayStation Vita in May 2014:

  • Watch the Watch Dogs Vigilante Edition get unboxed:

  • PS4 and Xbox One owners have to wait until June for The Elder Scrolls Online, but PC players now have access to it. Here’s a cinematic trailer to celebrate the PC release:

  • Here’s a couple of videos for the latest Personalization Packs in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2:

  • The Megalodon has been found in Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC on the Nansha Strike map [Via]:

Will you be producing perfection this weekend?