Bungie: Destiny is “Pretty Close to Shipping”

April 17, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Speaking with Eurogamer for the first time since composer Martin O’Donnell departed from the studio, Bungie Chief Operating Officer Pete Parsons didn’t go into specifics about O’Donnell, but he did confirm that Destiny is “close to shipping,” months ahead of its planned September 9th release date.

Parsons elaborated on what he means by “close to shipping,” admitting that the game still needs a lot of polish:

I believe people will be transported not just by the activities and the stories within the Destiny universe, but by the sights and the wonderful sounds and music. We have a fantastic team. We’re pretty close to shipping. There’s a lot of polish left to do, lots of tweaking and tuning, but a lot is already complete.

Parsons went on to confirm that O’Donnell’s music will stay in the game, along with “Mike Salvatori’s music, [Bungie in-house sound designer and composer C. Paul Johnson’s] music, and Paul McCartney’s music.” He added, “That’s going to be exciting for people. It’s going to be a great, fantastic experience.”