Sony Offered to Help Respawn Bring an Early Titanfall Version to PS Vita

Now that The Final Hours of Titanfall project has been released to the public, some very interesting details about the game have come to light.

Among the various pieces of information (via GameSpot), it’s been revealed that Insomniac Games’ Ted Price allowed Respawn to use Insomniac’s Luna engine, which was used in Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, to prototype R1 (Titanfall’s name in July 2010) for a year. With R1, Respawn reached out to Sony about the PS4’s specs after learning the Xbox One’s specs, but were turned down. Instead, Sony offered to help Respawn with a PS Vita version of the game, as The Final Hours of Titanfall detailed (via Eurogamer):

Armed with the specs for the Xbox Durango platform, Respawn pushed forward on game development. At the same time the team quietly reached out to Sony to see if it could share any information on the next PlayStation, another target platform. Respawn quickly found out that Sony wasn’t ready to talk about its plans for PS4. Instead, Sony offered to help with developing a version of R1 for the handheld PlayStation Vita platform.

Obviously a PlayStation Vita version of Titanfall never happened, but the door is open for Titanfall sequels to potentially arrive on PlayStation.