Ask PSLS: What’s Your Favorite Couch Co-op/Couch Multiplayer Game?

To help commemorate the launch of Sportsfriends on PS3 and PS4 this week, we decided to focus this Ask PSLS on playing with other people in the same room, prompting the question: What’s your favorite couch co-op/couch multiplayer game?

Anthony Severino – Always Finds a Way to Mention Mortal Kombat (@Sev_Anthony)

Mortal Kombat II. Hands down. But I’m also a big fan of the Mario Party series, Mario Kart, and even Madden as co-op couch games. Recently, Game & Wario was a big one for me. I love my Wii U for this very reason.

Chandler Wood – Bond. Chandler Bond. (@FinchStrife)

Being married to a gamer means that couch co-op is very important to us. We’ve bonded over many couch co-op games, but the one that feels like each player has a significant part to play is Borderlands 2. The unique abilities of each character, different guns and loadouts, and the varying player styles mean that having another player can provide a vastly different experience. Where I love to run and gun, often getting myself into bad situations, D’yani was always there to save my ass. Honorable mention goes to Sportsfriends, which is pretty damn fun so far.

D’yani Wood – Top Gun

Borderlands 2 is my favorite couch co-op game ever. Ever. But then after that… Dead Nation is very fun, if your partner doesn’t just die all the time. And Dragon’s Crown is really satisfying to play co-op. The list could go on, but Borderlands 2 will always be at the top.

Dan Oravasaari – En Garde! (@FoolsJoker)

Gears of War. Yes, I know it is an Xbox game, but it is and has been one of my favorite co-op experiences for some time. But, I will have to give a shout out to Johan Sebastian Joust, a game I have been playing at events for some. It really has been like nothing I’ve played before, besides giving me an excuse to shove my friends or coworkers, it’s also allowed me to go toe-to-toe with SCEA’s Adam Boyes.

Jason Dunning – All or Nothing (@Jasonad21)

I’d say my favorite is Super Smash Bros (Brawl and Melee), but the most memorable was 007: Everything or Nothing on PS2. I remember the first mission taking a few days to beat (obviously we weren’t very good at the game), and then the rest of the game was just a joy to play through in co-op.

Runner-up nod goes to Rock Band.

John VanderSchuit – BigLittlePlanet (@j_vanderschuit)

LittleBigPlanet. At first it was playful, what with the slapping and the creating and all. Then we just turned on one another and constantly caused our deaths.

Louis Edwards – Livin’ on a Prayer

Around our house, when we have friends together and want to play a game, it has to be either Singstar or Karaoke Revolution. We love it so much that I imported the wireless Singstar mics from the UK a couple years ago. Our neighbors may hate it, but we always go full voice and full on, with the volume cranked up, singing anything and everything, regardless of what it sounds like.

What’s your favorite couch co-op/couch multiplayer game? Let everyone know in the comments below.