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Visceral Games’ Battlefield: Hardline Gameplay Footage Leaks Out

Just last week, not only did we get our first look at this year’s Battlefield entry — Battlefield: Hardline –from an internal video that got leaked, but EA and developer Visceral Games (Dead Space) has confirmed its existence, and said that more info will be coming soon at E3.

Well, as it turns out, we don’t even need to wait until June 9 for new info and footage. Courtesy of YouTube user Freddy Dancer who uploaded a 13-minute gameplay  video (now taken down by EA’s legal hounds), we get our first look at Hardline and how it plays — albeit, in very early form.

First thing you’ll notice is how similar it looks to DICE’s Battlefield 4. This rings true from the guns, vehicles, and even UI (User Interface). Of course, since the game is still in production, there’s the possibility that things could change once Hardline hits stores.

While what we see is actual gameplay, that doesn’t necessarily mean we get to see any hard-hitting action. For the most part, we see a lone player messing around in an empty server. However, we do see the character loadout screen, a few vehicles and even a police bike with its sirens blaring.

Set for release this fall, more info regarding Battlefield: Hardline will make its way next week at E3, presumably during EA’s press conference.

What do you make of BF: Hardline so far? Battlefield vets, are you going to replace BF4 with Hardline once its released?

Source: YouTube via NeoGAF