EarthNight Coming to PS4 & PS Vita, is a Runner/Roguelike

Because who doesn’t love dragons, Cleaversoft has announced EarthNight – a runner/roguelike game that will launch first for the PlayStation 4 in 2015, with a PlayStation Vita release to follow a little later in 2015.

With the goal of setting “out to make the deepest, most beautiful runner game of all time,” EarthNight sees you playing as Stanley and Sydney after dragons have taken over the Earth and exiled humans to outer space. Not happy with this, Stanley and Sydney decide to skydive to Earth’s surface, taking out as many dragons as possible:

Gameplay will see you running on the back of dragons and skydiving “through a sea of the vile beasts,” with those skydiving sections allowing you to choose your level. Cleaversoft adds that most of the gameplay involves two buttons and the game can be beaten in 30 minutes, but “it will take hundreds of runs to gain the skills to reach the final world.”

EarthNight will be on display at E3 2014.

What do you think of EarthNight?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]