Guerrilla Games New IP Needs a Lot of Work “Before We Show It to Our Fans”

Guerrilla Games held a Reddit AMA today to help promote the release of the Intercept DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall later this month. As you’d expect, many questions strayed beyond the new content, with one person asking Guerrilla Senior Online Producer Samrat Sharma if their new IP might be shown before E3. Sharma’s answer shows that we might not be hearing about Guerilla Games’ new IP for some time:

No, we won’t be showing it right now. Simple reason: we are confident enough in the game, but it’s not something we can show and expect reasonable feedback. There is simply a lot of work that we need to do before we show it to our fans.

Sharma later added, “Our next game will be announced in some time, so I can’t really tell if that will be Killzone.” As well, Samrat said, “I think our next IP is a reaction to [us] not wanting to be just the Killzone studio anymore, but I think [the Killzone universe] will always be a universe we have high regard for and can mine for interesting stories to tell.”

Judging by Sharma’s comments here, it sounds as though Guerrilla’s new IP will stay under wraps until after E3… or maybe they’re just saying that now to make an E3 announcement a big surprise.

Elsewhere in the AMA, Sharma talked about the PlayStation Vita:

We think it is a very powerful and amazing piece of hardware. We were genuinely excited about Mercenary, and I dare say we delivered the definitive shooter experience on that platform, including multiplayer, which is hard to do in a wireless handheld.

That being said, we haven’t yet thought of all the games we are going to make, so I can’t confirm or deny whether there is another Vita game from GG coming. I do furiously play Spelunky on it every day though.

Sticking with the topic of handhelds, Sharma said, “Given limitless time and money, we would love to [bring the handheld Killzones to consoles]! But there are controls and technical issues to be solved before we can even start thinking about that, so don’t know if it is in the offing in the immediate term.”

Additionally, Sharma revealed that over 200 people work at Guerrilla Amsterdam and around 70 people work at Guerrilla Cambridge, Echo being playable in a new Killzone game is “something we are not against to in principle,” the standalone co-op expansion for Killzone: Shadow Fall will be out in August, and “there is a lot of thought being put into, at the Sony level, on how to handle our digital library for the PS4. Expect announcements to that effect at some point in the future.” That last quote is most likely suggesting Killzone games will come to PlayStation Now, rather than teasing PS4 remasters of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3.

When do you think we’ll hear about Guerrilla’s new IP?

[Source: Reddit]