Far Cry 4 PS3/PS4 Exclusive “Keys to Kyrat” Co-Op Mode Requires a Client Download

For those of you who want to take advantage of Keys to KyratFar Cry 4’s PlayStation-exclusive co-op feature where the 2nd person playing doesn’t need to own the game – you should be prepared to download a big client when the game launches this November.

Although specific file sizes weren’t shared, Eurogamer reports that you’ll need to download a client containing all of Far Cry 4’s content, excluding the story-based missions, as those are only accessible through single-player.

With the 2nd player joining as Far Cry 3’s Hurk, Technical Director Cedric Decelle revealed that co-op will be tweaked to be more difficult than single-player, though Ubisoft has yet to nail down exactly what this will include (hit points, damage received, enemy AI, and more are being tested).

For a little bit more information about Keys to Kyrat, Adam Boyes was interviewed by Giant Bomb (via NeoGAF), where he revealed that you’ll have 10 invites:

So when you get the game, you get 10 invites. You send an invite to one of your friends, they download the chunk, and they can play with you for a limited amount of time.

… When you kick into co-op mode, it turns the story mode off… even in the full game.

Elsewhere, GamesBeat talked with Scott Rohde, who teased that, depending on how this goes, it may be a feature they bring to future games:

Far Cry 4 is a Ubisoft initiative. That’s born out of our partnership with them. They’re trying to push that and we’re supporting them. It’s an interesting concept, for sure, being able to share the game with someone who doesn’t own it. We’ll see how that plays out.

Do you plan on using Keys to Kyrat? Or will you just buy Far Cry 4?