Bungie Testing Destiny Alpha in “Expert Mode” for the Beta, Alpha Less Than 10% of Actual Game

Earlier today, we reported that the supposed-to-be-concluded Destiny alpha is still on-going, with developer Bungie saying players should continue with the adventure at their “own risk.” Well, it seems we now know what that risk is.

Over on Twitter, Bungie confirmed that the alpha does indeed continue to trek on, and that the studio is testing “expert mode” for the upcoming beta in July.

In related news, Evan Nikolich, who’s a designer for Destiny, has revealed (spotted by WorldsFactory) that the alpha is less than 10 percent of the actual game’s content, which, if you’ve played it, speaks volumes to the game’s depth and in-game geography size.

Yep, that confirms it. Prepare to not work, go out or have a real social life once Destiny rolls in this September.  Have you tried Expert Mode? How is it? Sound off in the comments.