Destiny: A Look Back – A Destiny Retrospective Podcast Special With Digital Days Gaming

Longtime readers of PlayStation LifeStyle know that one of my favorite game series of all time is Destiny. From the moment it was revealed that fabled Halo developer Bungie was making something for PlayStation—not to mention that game would combine their first-person shooter expertise with MMO-like loot-based dungeon crawlers—my interest was immediately piqued. Six years ago this month, back in 2014, we were creating our characters and jumping into the Destiny Alpha, exploring this strange and mysterious universe that Bungie had created. It’s never been perfect, but it’s always been there, creating a solid community, lasting friendships, and unforgettable experiences over the last six years.

With Bungie’s recent reveal of Beyond Light, the next Destiny 2 expansion set to kick off Year 4 (Year 7 of the franchise as a whole), an old friend of mine reached out and asked if I wanted to talk Destiny on the Digital Days Gaming Podcast. I graciously accepted the invite—I’m not going to turn down the chance to talk about Destiny—and late last week, DDG host Dave Hunt and I sat down and riffed for two hours on six years of Destiny.

Check out the show in full below:

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Two hours might seem like a long time, but we barely scratched the surface of the history of this series and how far it’s come. We didn’t even have much time to touch on the more recent developments Bungie has made, such as Season of Arrivals, Destiny 2 on next-gen, or its trilogy of expansions coming over the next three years. In a moment when all eyes are eagerly looking forward, it was a nice opportunity to glance back a little bit and reminisce on something that’s been a part of our lives for over half a decade now.

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