Secret Ponchos’ PS4 Release Date Aiming for Fall 2014, Will Still be a PS+ Free Game

Originally scheduled for launch in April, then confirmed to be in beta in at the end of March, Switchblade Monkeys’ Secret Ponchos is now aiming for a fall release on PlayStation 4.

Creative Director Yousuf Mapara broke the release window news to Eurogamer:

Currently there is not an exact launch date announced, but if we had to estimate we are targeting Fall 2014 for release. It’s really about when we feel the game is super solid and ready for the public.

Having been announced as a PlayStation Plus free title months and months ago, Mapara confirmed that Secret Ponchos will still be a PS+ freebie when it eventually launches:

Yes, for one month the game will be featured as a PlayStation Plus title! We are very excited because PlayStation Plus will put the game in the hands of a large community of gamers, and for a multiplayer game the community population is key!

We have not set a price yet for outside of PlayStation Plus, but it will be in that [£10] digital price point range.

Trying for 1080p/60fps visuals, Secret Ponchos will support up to eight players and includes head-to-head duels, 2vs2, 4vs4 and free-for-alls for eight. There’s also two-player split-screen functioning on the PS4 right now.

When a firm release date is given to Secret Ponchos, we’ll let you know.