Sony: Microsoft Did a “Great Job on Us” in the UK Last Gen, Resolves It Won’t Happen Again

Just yesterday, we reported on how Xbox boss Phil Spencer “tipped his hat off” to Sony, but mentions the race is far from over. Now, Sony CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Jim Ryan commends Microsoft for last-gen’s “great job” in the UK, but says they’re making sure that won’t happen again.

I’ve been pretty public, we needed to do better in the UK…They [Microsoft] did a great job on us in that market with PS3 and Xbox 360, and we resolved that we weren’t going to let that happen again, and at least so far, and it’s very early days, I think we really raised our game, and I’m very happy with that.

Well, Microsoft is certainly not dominating the UK now compared to last-gen. But as Spencer said, this is a long race and we’re just getting started.

Do you think Microsoft can overtake Sony’s PS4 in that market? Those in the UK, are people siding with the PS4 or Xbox One?

[Source: Game Reactor]

[Image Source: Polygamia]