Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Not Mad at Bungie for Siding With Sony on Destiny

It’s no secret by now that Bungie is leaning more on the PlayStation side of the spectrum when it comes to its upcoming game, Destiny.

Not only did the Destiny alpha take place solely on the PlayStation 4, even the beta will have four-day early access to PS4 users. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a Destiny PS4 bundle coming when the game hits retail, and PlayStation-exclusive content, too.

So, is Microsoft peeved that the studio who once handled its most important franchise (Halo), is now aligning itself with its fiercest competitor in the gaming space? Apparently, that’s a big no — if Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s words are to be believed.

Over on Twitter, Spencer was asked by a fan where he’s “mad” at Bungie to which the exec replied with:

Given that Activision is the one who bartered the PlayStation deal on Destiny, I think Halo fans should give cut the studio a bit more slack. Then again, Bungie did reveal that it has been working with Sony long before the PS4 was even finalized, so that might be the cause of some fans’ ire.

How do you feel about Bungie siding with Sony this gen? Do you foresee the studio continuing with this in the future or will it be for just one game?

[Source: Twitter via GameSpot]