Destiny Developer Bungie Reveals It Was Already Working With Sony Before the PS4 Design Was Even Finalized

By now, it’s plain as day that Destiny, Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi shooter, is leaning more on the PlayStation end of the spectrum when it comes to marketing. Not only is it getting PlayStation-exclusive content, but the game is even getting its own PS4 bundle, too.

If you’re wondering how long has this love-fest between Sony and Bungie has been going on, join the club. Bungie is, of course, know for developing Microsoft’s Halo franchise, which most many point to as the software giant’s biggest IP. Did Bungie jump at the chance to shack up with Sony the moment it left the Microsoft camp? Well, if Bungie Head of Community Eric Osborne’s words are anything to go by, it’s a resounding “yes.”

Speaking to TechRadar at E3, Osborne revealed that Bungie and Sony have been working together even before the PS4 design was finalized, and said Sony’s vision “aligned” with where the studio wanted to go.

Sony’s been a really good partner all the way back to the beginning when we were first talking next-gen, and when we first started building Destiny…We really didn’t know where anybody was going, but it became really clear talking with Sony at the outset that their vision really aligned with where we wanted to go.

But it wasn’t just that, Osborne also revealed that Bungie even had an influence on how the DualShock 4 was conceived.

They worked with us, of course, on core systems and the controller itself – making it better for shooters, helping improve that for players, helping include and improve the social aspects of the game.

Based on Destiny’s PS4-exclusive alpha, the fact that it will be exclusive to PlayStation in Japan, and even Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Jim Ryan already proclaiming Destiny as the “system seller” this year, then I suspect Bungie might be cozy-ing up more with their former rivals.

How do you feel about Bungie seemingly jumping ship to align itself with Sony? Did Yoshida and his peers did the right thing in choosing Destiny as its big horse in the shooter wars?

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