Fans Petitioning to Bring Freedom Wars Physical Release to Europe

Much to the dismay of our European readers, a few days ago we reported that PlayStation Vita game Freedom Wars will not get a physical release in the continent. The news has been met with widespread criticism, and an online petition has been set up to bring retail copies to European stores.

Started by César Cardoso from Spain, the petition received over 400 signatures in less than 48 hours. Cardoso mentioned that fans are “shocked” by a digital-only release. He said:

We believe that Freedom Wars is one of the most important releases of the entire PS Vita lifecycle and this deserves a worthy entry into the market with a physical edition in stores, available to all users, fans, casuals and collectors, not just by digital download.

This petition is worth noting in light of recent remarks made by Ubisoft’s Chris Early regarding the increasing popularity of digital downloads. It seems that irrespective of infrastructure, many will continue to demand physical copies, and rightly so.

Do you think players should have a choice?