GDC Europe Study: Developers Favoring PS4 Over Xbox One

According to the second annual European State of the Industry Survey done by the organizers of GDC Europe, developers are favoring PC and mobile devices for their upcoming games, while the PlayStation 4 is currently the console of choice this generation, and is expected to outpace the Xbox One in the future as well.

Here’s some highlights from the study:

  • Of the over 400 European developers polled, 58% are working on PC titles right now, with 60% expecting their next game to be released on PC.
  • While 65% of developers are working on a mobile title right now, only 64% plan on releasing their next title for mobile devices.
  • 18% of developers said they are working on a game for PlayStation 4 right now, with that number jumping to 33% for those who expect their next game to be developed on PS4.
  • As for Xbox One, 13% of developers are working on games for it right now, and that number increases to 23% when it comes to devs who expect their next game to be on Xbox One.
  • Under 10% of developers use crowdfunding right now, but 41% said they plan on using it in the future.
  • Home of Minecraft, Battlefield, and Goat Simulator, Sweden was chosen as the current premier game development hub in Europe, while the UK and Germany are expected to surpass Sweden within five years.

Game Developers Conference Europe takes place from August 11 – 13 in Cologne, Germany.

[Source: Gamasutra]