Ubisoft Reveals Watch Dogs Stats, Over a Decade Played in Game Time, Over 70 Million Crimes Stopped and More

Ubisoft has revealed some of the impressive stats it has accumulated for Watch Dogs. Over on its official site for the open world action game, Ubisoft has revealed that over a decade has been played of the game since its launch — 11 years, 87 days, 45 hours and 59 minutes to be exact.

Other global data stats show that 76, 516,079 crimes have been stopped, 50 percent of the city is under surveillance, there have been 25,080,901 number of times players were hacked, and 41, 792,148 nitro uses while driving.

While over eight million copies of Watch Dogs have been shipped to date, our review didn’t paint it as the GTA-killer some have pegged it to be. Not only that, but the title is also one of the examples used in our feature piece where we talk about publishers staging demos that are a bit questionable, so to speak.

How are you enjoying Watch Dogs? Any surprising numbers in the stats in your opinion?

[Source: Watch Dogs via Videogamer]