Raiden Revealed as the Next Mortal Kombat X Character, Fighting Styles Detailed

I was hoping that it was going to be Motaro, but NetherRealm Studios has revealed that the newest addition to the Mortal Kombat X roster is Raiden. 

Each character in the game will have three distinct fighting styles alongside their classic moves, and players will have the option of choosing one at the start of the match until its over. Creative Direct Ed Boon has described Raiden’s three fighting styles as follows:

Thunder God

Using electric blasts, Raiden can deal a ton of damage to his opponents. However, he has to be close in proximity to them.


Using this style, Raiden can play several tricks and teleport himself to avoid enemy attacks and projectiles. Teleportation can be used in conjunction with combos. 

Storm Lord

As Storm Lord, Raiden can trap his opponents by placing lighting orbs that can be activated if any contact is made by the opponent. The enemy is stunned as a result. You can imagine all kinds of things that he can do next!

A Mortal Kombat game is undoubtedly incomplete without Raiden. Are you happy with the revelation?

[Source: GameSpot]