Destiny Player Characters Can be Carried Over to Future Games, If Any

Bungie recently revealed that it feels the need to “earn” a right to make a sequel to Destiny. But it seems that the developer is confident that it will earn that right eventually. When speaking to Digital Trends, Bungie engineer Roger Wolfson made a reference to future games as if the company already had a plan. 

What sparked the comments was a discussion about players being able to carry over their characters throughout the franchise. 

Let’s say Destiny 2 [and] Destiny 3 are out, and we have new players joining the fun. [They] want to play those new games alongside those who have been playing Destiny from the beginning. [We want to ensure] they won’t feel like they’re four years behind. And then, if they want to, they’ll be able to go back and pick up the old content on their same character. So we’ve done a lot of planning for how that’s going to work, to not make people feel like they have years worth of levelling up to do.

In simple words, a sequel seems likely, and if it materializes then players will be able to carry their characters over if they please. Sounds good to me!

[Source: Digital Trends via IGN]