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Cliff Bleszinski Says E3 Is a “Waste of Money” and Will Eventually Die

Having recently come out of retirement, Gear of War director and former Epic Games employee, Cliff Bleszinski, has said that the popular industry trade show E3 is a “waste of money” and that it will eventually die. 

VentureBeat asked Bleszinski if his retirement changed his perspective on things and whether he saw game design and the industry in a different light or not. He responded by saying that a different perspective was already creeping into his head towards the end of his tenure at Epic Games, and now he’s “all about systems interacting with systems.”

Answering the same question, Bleszinski said that he went to the most recent E3 for networking purposes, and thinks all these stage demos are a “moot point.”

I see the entire thing as largely a waste of money. It’s a model that’s eventually going to die. I see developers killing themselves for these stage demos, and that’s a moot point in this new world order that we’re in. 

Anyone agree?

[Source: VentureBeat]