Halo Composer Fired Without a Reason, Wins $95,000 Lawsuit Against Bungie

Bungie has been celebrating the successful and well-received launch of Destiny’s beta, but the developer suffered a minor setback as it lost a lawsuit to Halo music composer, Marty O’Donnell. 

Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell of King County Superior Court in Seattle, Washington, approved a deal whereby Bungie’s Chief Executive Harold Ryan will pay O’Donnell $95,019.13 in unpaid work and vacation time, double damages, attorney fees, and interest.

O’Donnell served as Audio Director at Bungie based in Bellevue, Washington. On April 11 this year, he was apparently fired without a reason. According to the lawsuit, Bungie’s policies dictate that employees are paid for accrued but unused vacation time and sabbatical time among other benefits. Although the company promised to pay O’Donnell, it failed to do so. 

The infamous Halo soundtrack made the game even more memorable for some, and the franchise has grossed an estimated $3.4 billion in its lifetime. 

[Source: VentureBeat]