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Shenmue Fan Making HD Remastered Version, Looks Great

The original Shenmue is almost 14 years old and it was released on Sega Dreamcast. In light of this, for one fan to make an HD Remastered version of the game all by himself is pretty amazing. And that is exactly what a Korean fan on YouTube is doing. Going by the name of NoconKid, he has already released two videos of his progress thus far, which you can watch below.

This actually looks darn good. Back in 2012, there were rumors of Sega keeping a remake under wraps, but the company denied those reports. Since most of the details are in Korean, we can’t really make out when NoconKid intends to finish his project, but what remains to be seen is how Sega takes it since the project has been made public by its owner. 

Here’s hoping that Sega lets him finish it.

[Source: NoconKid (YouTube) via Game Informer]