Bungie: Character Supers Can be Countered in Destiny PvP

August 20, 2014Written by Alex Co

Destiny Space

For those who’ve played the Destiny beta and it’s competitive multiplayer component (PvP) The Crucible, chances are you’ve been a victim of of a super move from someone. It doesn’t matter if that person was using a Titan, Warlock or Hunter, super are insta-kill and are almost unavoidable.

However, there might be hope yet. In a video interview, Bungie Community Manager Deej was asked about the supers and players having the chance to be able to counter these super moves. Is this something that Bungie is currently looking into and possibly might tweak for Destiny’s final release? 

Deej: What you’re talking about in the studios is what we call as the “super stuff.” There’s “absolutely” a counter to a super charge. I’ve seen many Titans leaping forward to do that Fist of Havoc, only to be met with a shotgun blast to the face. Shotgun blasts to the face will counter just about anything — except for another shotgun blast to the face, of course. 

Deej adds later on that there “should be a counter for everything in Destiny,” and mentions the studio has made slight “tweaks and changes to make sure that there’s good diversity in the way that everyone has that expression of power.”

Personally, I’m OK with how the supers were. Granted, it’s annoying getting smashed by the Titan a lot, but you can do the same thing to your opponents which evens the odds. For those who’ve played Destiny’s PvP, do you want counters for it to be in the game or was it something that was balanced for you even in the beta?

[Source: YouTube (PS Access)]