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Crytek Hopes to “Get Back on Track” With High Quality Games

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli recently said that a number of difficult decisions had to be made in light of a financial turmoil that resulted in some unhappy staff members. The impact was more widespread, however. Crytek’s initial silence and reports of the company being in some serious trouble were enough to damage its reputation. Co-founder Avni Yerli has told MCV that the management is now aiming to turn things around. 

The transition to an online company took much more time than we had anticipated. This was the biggest cause of the problems. It took longer and cost more than we had anticipated. We now have a framework and a foundation where we can prioritise and move forward with our business plans for 2014 and 15. I am sure it has damaged our reputation, but for Crytek it is about focusing on our core competency, which is making really high quality games. When we deliver those games we will hopefully be back on track, and people will see Crytek in the way that it deserves to be seen.

Crytek previously spoke of Ryse 2, and its intentions to bring the game to other platforms in the future. Hopefully, the damage control strategies will work!