The Evil Within Voice Cast Announced by Bethesda in New Video, Includes Familiar Hollywood Names

August 26, 2014Written by Alex Co

Today, Bethesda has announced the voice cast for Shinji Mikami’s horror game, The Evil Within, and it seems the publisher is sparing no expense in making sure the voice overs in the game will be top-notch.

The Evil Within voice cast stars Anson Mount (Safe, Hell on Wheels) as game protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter, Quarantine) as Juli Kidman, Sebastian’s Junior Detective partner, and Jackie Earle Haley (Nightmare on Elm Street, Watchmen), as main antagonist, Ruvik.

If you’re wondering why Tango Gameworks chose a Hollywood actress to voice Juli Kidman, who’s supposed to be a minor character, it’s because players will be able to play as Kidman in The Evil Within as part of its Season Pass. According to Bethesda, Kidman’s role in the post-launch content will be an “entirely new perspective.”

Set for release this October 14, you can check out the Trophies you can earn in The Evil Within, as well as watch over an hour’s worth of gameplay footage to see what the game has to offer