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New NBA 2K15 “Yakkem” Trailer Hits the Courts, Unveils Improved Graphics

With NBA 2K15 just around the corner, 2K Sports has decided to release a new video, called the “Yakkem Trailer,” starring Shaquille O’Neal and Ernie Johnson. 

The trailer opens with some commentary between Shaq and Johnson, and then shows off some of the improved features of the basketball game. According to Ronnie Singh, Senior Community Manager at 2K Games, this includes more realistic gameplay and “over 5,000 new animations.”

On top of that, the trailer also has some humorous commentary between Shaq and Johnson at the end, including Shaq informing us on how to correctly spell “yakkem.”

What did you think of the new NBA 2K15 trailer? Are you pumped to get the game when it comes out on October 7? 

[Source: PlayStation Blog]