Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Dated, Gets a Reveal Trailer

September 3, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

If you’ve taken a break from Watch Dogs, you’ll soon have a reason to go back, with Ubisoft announcing that the T-Bone starring DLC, titled Bad Blood, will be available on September 23 for Season Pass owners, with non-Season Pass owners getting access to the content on September 30.

Featuring a full story campaign with 10 new mission taking place, Bad Blood will allow you to explore new areas of Chicago, it opens up new Street Sweep contracts, adds the remote-controlled Eugene, a mini-car outfitted with a variety of cool gadgets, and armed security cameras, which are created by strapping a remote controlled gun to a security camera.

Content Director Bogdan Bridinel explained Eugene:

Eugene is T-Bone’s kind of pet. Being small, it can easily sneak by enemies and pass through small gaps to reach locations normally inaccessible to T-Bone. It can hack anything that T-bone can, and can be upgraded with cool gadgets like a stun gun or a self-destruction mechanism that creates a big explosion.

Game Designer Aurelien Chiron then talked about the Street Sweep contracts:

“Street sweep missions allow T-Bone to acquire more skills and notoriety by dealing with the gangs in Chicago, killing two birds with one stone.”

“You are not only weakening Chicago’s criminal gangs but also getting new exclusive perks and Street Sweep tags. The Street Sweep tags are exclusive tokens needed to unlock T-Bone’s new fancy outfits.”

After Ubisoft confirmed that the Street Sweep missions have their own leaderboards and can all be played co-op, Chiron added:

The new co-op mode was something we really wanted to add in the DLC. The fantasy of playing T-Bone and a sidekick with your friends to take down some bad guys together was really strong. With the endless Street Sweep content, we had the perfect opportunity to build a co-op mode for the player that adds a lot of replay value!

Will you be playing Bad Blood this month?

[Source: Ubisoft]