Report: Destiny PS4 Pre-Load Begins, is at 20GB in Size

September 5, 2014Written by Alex Co


If you’ve bought — or buying — Destiny via the digital route (PSN), then you’ll be glad to know that as of this moment, you can start pre-loading the game on your PlayStation 4, so you’ll be able to hop online once Bungie switches the servers on come September 9.

Over on Reddit, a bunch of users have confirmed that the pre-load has indeed begun. After initiating the download, users will be asked to download two files with one clocking in at over 180MB, while the other is at 280MB. It’s surmised that these two downloads comprise of the download client and not the game itself, which is at 20GB in size.

Also of note, it seems the Vanguard armor pre-order bonus is not accessible to download right now. But seeing as no one can play the game right now until the servers go live, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

So, if you’re buying on PSN or have bought your copy of Destiny digitally, turn on your PS4 and download the file right now.

Have you started your pre-load yet? How’s the download speed so far? Let us know what your experience is in the comments.

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