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FIFA 15 Lead Producer Addresses Lack of Women’s Teams

September 11, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


Due to the growing number of people who want to see female soccer players in EA’s FIFA 15, the game’s Lead Producer Sebastian Enrique has decided to give a sort of half-hearted answer as to when females might be included into the game.

In an interview with Play, Enrique confirmed that he and the EA team knows that people want to see female soccer players in the FIFA titles, but also noted that they don’t have resources to add them into the games.

We always need to make sure that what we can build and what we include ends up being the right package and so far women’s football hasn’t made the cut

From what it sounds like, not enough people are interested in the idea to make it economically worthwhile. Hopefully, as more people put pressure on EA to include women soccer players, the company will one day add them into a FIFA title.

Do you want to see women in upcoming FIFA games, or in sport games in general?

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