Bungie: Moving on From the Halo Franchise Was “Liberating”

Now that Destiny has launched, Bungie’s Community Manager David “Deej” Dague has spilled some beans about the developer’s move away from Halo. Speaking with USA today, Dague said that while Bungie’s past accomplishments will never be forgotten, moving on from the Halo franchise was “liberating” as the company spread its creative wings.

We’ll never turn a blind eye to the accomplishments that come with Halo at Bungie. But as creators, as artists, as people with imaginations for how games can be new and different, and exciting, it was pretty liberating, actually, to start with a blank canvas and say, ‘What sort of story do we want to tell now?’

Dague also said that the move was supported by many within the studio, particularly for those who “had kept their imaginations rooted” in Halo.

Now that the franchise has been handed over to 343 industries, Bungie will concentrate on its 10-year plan for Destiny.

[Source: USA Today via VG247]