Silent Hills TGS 2014 Concept Trailer Brings the Frights, Game May be Released in Episodic Format

During the Konami showcase event at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today, Hideo Kojima showed off a new Silent Hills trailer. 

Along with the new video, Kojima mentioned that the team developing the horror title is looking at how TV shows use seasons in scheduling content, and that they’re considering a similar format for Silent Hills. However, at this stage of development, it hasn’t been decided just yet.

In the same presentation, director Guillermo del Toro made an appearance via a pre-recorded video and talked about his game collaboration with Kojima stating:

We talked about concepts and tools at his headquarters in Tokyo…Then he sent his first version of the playable teaser. I saw it loved it. We then… exchanged ideas and the result was the playable teaser you see now.

The concepts we’re discussing, the ideas that we’re discussing and the tools that are in play to create Silent Hills are going to render an incredibly intense and an incredibly scary game.

Whatever game Kojima and del Toro is cooking up, it seems to be working, as the Silent Hills teaser — P.T. — has already passed one million downloads and this is just on one platform.

Would you like to see Silent Hills continue down this path or should Kojima stick closer to the game’s roots?

[Source: IGN, GameSpot]