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Take-Two: “50 Percent of Our Efforts” Should be Invested Into Creating New IPs

September 21, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan

take two interactive

Grand Theft Auto parent publisher Take-Two Interactive isn’t complacent about the success of its existing franchises. Speaking to investors last Thursday, president Karl Slatoff emphasized on the importance of creating new IPs, stating that “we should be focusing 50 percent of our efforts all the time on new IP.”

Slatoff said that investing resources into developing new IPs is important for the publisher to survive in the long-run, and that not doing so would be “the kiss of death.” He said:

We love putting out titles where we’ve got history, and they’re really, really big titles. Because they’re safe and they’re predictable and you know you can generate a lot of cash flow from them. At the same time, to ignore the opportunity of creating new IP, to not dedicate a substantial portion of your resources towards developing new IP, is the kiss of death for creative franchises. Because god forbid, one of your core IP starts to deteriorate over time, then you’re in real trouble. So how do we actually manage that to avoid that deterioration or fatigue? One is don’t come out with stuff every year.

Hopefully, this means that we’ll see some fresh games for next-gen consoles. It should be noted that Take-Two will be publishing the upcoming Turtle Rock Studios’ game, Evolve, next year. 

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