PAX Prime 2014: 2K Games Announces Another Closed Alpha for Evolve

August 31, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


With Evolve delayed into February 2015, it’s understandable that Turtle Rock Studios is back on course to improve the game. Publisher 2K has announced that another “big alpha” for Evolve is on the way. For now, only those who visit the company’s booth at PAX Prime are able to register, with information for the rest coming soon. 

If you haven’t been able to play Evolve yet (or want to play more), you might get the chance soon! While we don’t have many details to share quite yet, we are excited to announce that invitations to register for our upcoming Big Alpha will be handed out at our booth at PAX Prime. If you’ll be at the convention this weekend, here’s a little bit of extra motivation to stop by the 2K Booths (Level 4, booths 1414 and 814): Play a round of the game and you’ll receive an invitation to register for a chance to gain access to this closed alpha test.

What? You can’t make it to PAX Prime? Then you should follow us on Twitter at @EvolveGame, Facebook and the Turtle Rock forums for additional chances to register for Big Alpha. Keep checking back because we’ll have more details soon enough.

We previewed the game at PAX East and had a blast with it, so if you’re in the area, we recommend that you give Evolve a go at 2K’s PAX Prime booth. It’s worth seeing why the title bagged awards at gamescom 2014.

[Source: Evolve (Official Website)]