Sony: “A Lot of Extremely Cool, Super-Secret Stuff Planned for Project Morpheus

Excited for Project Morpheus for the PlayStation 4? If not, then this little bit of news might pique your interest.

During an interview, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Immersive  Technology Group Senior Game Designer (whew!) Jed Ashforth states that there are “super-secret” stuff planned for the virtual reality device.

On the Morpheus side, there’s a lot of extremely cool, super-secret stuff that I’ve tried and that I’d love to be able to tell you about, but we’re not at the point where we’re ready to share them yet.

Unfortunately, though, no definite release date or price has been decided for Project Morpheus. Let’s hope that’s announced soon, so we can all experience these surprises.

[Source: Virtual Reality Reviewer via VR Focus]