Far Cry 4 Diector Explains Lack of 1080p/60fps, Says Game Will Take 35 Hours to Finish

Alex Hutchinson, Ubisoft’s Creative Director for Far Cry 4, recently took to Twitter to explain why the game will not feature 1080p/60fps, and noted that the game will take around 35 hours to complete.

Hutchinson explained that Far Cry 4 will not feature 1080p/60fps because it would require Ubisoft to “simplify the art,” and have less objects and people on the screen. In short, it would simplify the game.

However, the game will be far from simple, as it is expected to take some 35 hours to complete, which Hutchinson noted in another Twitter post.

What do you think of these Tweets? Do you think 35 hours is long enough?

[Source: Alex Hutchinson (Twitter) via DualShockers, The Games Cabin]